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Risk Assessment

The Risk Profile Questionnaire is designed to help you gain an in-depth understanding of your investment objective, which serves as the foundation of your portfolio and guides us in making investment recommendations. Your investment objective is based on many factors, including your time horizon, financial goals and risk tolerance. To build your portfolio, you must clearly define your financial goals. Short-term goals may include buying a house or financing a dream vacation. Long-term goals may include saving for your child’s education or planning for your retirement.

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What is your current age?

How many months of expenses can your emergency funds cover?

What percentage of monthly income can be invested?


When do you expect to liquidate your investment?

How many people depend on you financially?

In order to achieve high returns I am willing to choose high risk investments.


What is your expected rate of return from your investments?

I would start to worry about my investments if my portfolio value falls

The maximum surplus in your current portfolio is parked into


I prefer to keep capital safe rather than have high returns

What is your primary investment objective?

What is your annual take home income?

What percentage of your take home income goes into repaying your liabilities?


Any other information


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